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Whether the consultation is done over the telephone, by e-mail, or in person, or whether there is any other form of communication, the simple fact that there has been a consultation and/or communication does not mean that I am retained to act for you in any manner nor does it mean that a solicitor and client relationship has been created.  To the contrary, I will only consider myself as being retained as your lawyer after there is a written retainer agreement and, when required by the written retainer agreement, receipt of the required monetary retainer.

All of this helps to determine the exact terms of the relationship or, in some cases, the non-relationship.  These conditions serve to protect both you and me.

The information on this website is public information and is not individualized legal advice. Readers should neither rely on nor take any action based upon this information. In all instances, professional legal advice should be obtained.  While efforts are made to keep the information accurate, it is possible that the information on my site may contain errors or omissions.  Any all liability for any such errors or omissions is hereby disclaimed.